Natural Sperm Boosting Products On The Market


Sperm count is something that most men ignore most of their life until they reach their later age. When it comes to having a family, you will need a sufficient amount of sperm in order to conceive. Unfortunately, not all men are created with the same amount of sperm count. Some men just have a low level of sperm count, making it harder for them to fertilize. If you are one of them, you do not need to worry as you can always treat such problems. You can always boost your sperm count naturally using this fantastic food below.

The Green Rich Spinach


You might notice how spinach is Popeye’s favorite food as it increases his strength. Medically speaking, spinach does produce plenty of power for men especially when it comes to sexual strength. Spinach itself is rich in a substance called folic acid which is significant in its role in creating sperm. Folic acid is like the food of the sperm as it gives it strength and also proper shape to swim. Therefore, you need to take plenty of spinach if you want an active sperm count, and you can expect to conceive very soon.

Yummy Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds are not something that you can throw away after making a jack-o-lantern for the Halloween. They contain a good amount of phytosterols which is a very important substance of manhood. What it does is that it increased the production of testosterone in your body. And by having more testosterone, your body will increase its production of sperm and also semen. In that way, you will gain a massive amount of sperm count just by eating these yummy seeds.

Eat More Garlic


Most people dislike garlic because of the smell that it produces. But do you know that garlic can actually be useful in increasing the sperm count in your body? Garlic is an aphrodisiac which is good in increasing the testosterone level in your body. Not only that, garlic can actually improve the blood circulation in your body through a particular substance within. This substance would then help produce more sperm and semen for men, increasing the rate of sperm count in their body.

Sea Products


Sea products, in general, have always been known as an aphrodisiac as they contain plenty of protein and amino acid. But if you are looking to increase the sperm count in your body, you should totally try eating more oyster. Oyster is actually very good for your sperm count as it increases the size of testosterone in your body.

The Herb of Maca


Finally, there is this fabulous herb called the herb of maca. This herb is a root herb which resembles beetroot and it has been known to increase the sperm count in the male. Not only it increases the overall sperm count in your body, but it also increases the general sexual health for men. You can take this herb if you want to increase the stamina, durability, and also firmness of your erection in bed.