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Acne Advice From Dermatologist


Today I am going to answer the most frequent questions about acne.

“How do I help prevent acne if acne skin care is giving me acne?”

 I know a lot of people get affected by benzoyl peroxide. It irritates their acne, and it makes it worse, and they flare up. Other people are allergic to salicylic acid. So, I think, it boils down to finding what is breaking you out, what is that key ingredient in that acne product that you’re using that could be what’s affecting you. One of the important things is to look at the active ingredients like the benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. And those could be what’s breaking you out. And then also look at the comedogenic ingredients in these active ingredients. And if you try different products and still don’t have any success, you can visit a dermatologist, and they can help you with actual prescription skincare that might be just what your skin needs.

“How do you wear makeup without it making you have acne?”


I think it boils down to just knowing the ingredients and maybe even spot treating your face. So, instead of covering your entire face with makeup, just cover the small little blemishes that you have, dark circles if you have any, a little bit of redness. And don’t forget practice having good skin care. Because if you really take care of your skin, have a good diet, you get plenty of sleep, I know like I’m just saying the same thing that everyone else is saying, but believe me, when I practice that, have good skincare, eat well, drink lots of water, and don’t  intake too much dairy, my skin is visibly better.

“How you can get rid of hormonal acne?”


So, there’s only one word that I know of is anti-androgen (counteract the effects of male sex hormones – androgens).  Some of the hormones that naturally go through our bodies, whether we’re men or women, contribute to getting acne. Anti-androgen is something that tempers the effect of that. And the most proven anti-androgen is herbal spearmint tea. It’s been shown to help with a lot of different conditions that are hormonally related. I’ve seen a number of my patients have success just drinking a moderate amount, not to drink tons of it. A reasonable amount of a herbal spearmint tea can help with acne. And then, of course, if that’s not working, talk to a dermatologist or your gynecologist about any other hormonal treatment that may be necessary.

“Help, I have scars, what should I do?”


Well, I know like there’s a method that a lot of people have been using that has shown significant results for acne scars and pitted scars. It’s called collagen induction therapy where you take a derma roller that has tiny needles in there, you numb your entire face with lidocaine, rinse off your face, and then you start rolling this device on your skin. It sounds terrifying because you’re producing micro injuries and tears on your skin, but it tells your body, your brain to heal the skin, to produce more collagen, hence why it’s called collagen induction therapy. And there have been studies that proved there’s an 80% increase in actually helping acne scarring. I’ve seen a lot of people have been helped by it and I’ve also seen individuals, who haven’t.  But I think, it’s potentially perfect idea, especially for only if you don’t have active acne. If you have active acne, it’s going to make that a lot worse, and the scarring problem could get worse as well. But it’s an excellent idea.

And what people do when they sometimes get a laser or any other procedure: get it on a test spot on your face first, just to find out if you react negatively. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea with the collagen induction therapy. Just do one side of your face.