We have been working for Justice and Compensation on behalf on American hemophiliacs who were needlessly infected with Hepatitis C as a result of contaminated blood products. U. S. Congressman Frank Ballance has agreed to write a bill, much like the Ricky Ray bill, that will give compassionate relief to American hemophiliacs who contracted Hepatitis C from blood products between 1974 to 1992. Called the “Bryant Brothers” bill, it is named afer 3 hemophiliac brothers who were infected with Hepatitis and/or HIV.

You can help to get this much needed bill passed and enacted quickly by:

  • Contacting your U. S. Senators and Congressman or Congresswoman and ask for them to co-sponsor or support this bill.
  • Tell other people about our campaign and help raise public awareness of this vital issue by writing the media, foundations, and organizations. Ask them to include our fight in their newsletters and publications or websites, and any other way they can help get the word out.
  • Educate yourself about the blood industry – its past, present, and its future.
  • Volunteer your free time to our campaign for justice and compensation

If people in Asia Europe and Canada deserve and can get government compensation, then we can do the same here in America.This page will be updated everyday with a list of co-sposers and supporters of this bill to let everyone know

The U. S. Government gave $1,000,000 dollars to vinctims of the September 11th attacks. We are only asking for $200,000 per victim, because the amount of people affected by this trajedy is nearly five times as many people affected by the September 11 trajedy.

In addition, there is a class action suit, filed on August 28 2003 by the law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, on behalf of American hemophiliacs who contracted Hepatitis C through the tainted blood products made by the four major blood companies. To get more information about the class action suit, contact the law firm.

There are individual lawfirms and attorneys taking cases on behalf of American hemophiliacs who contracted Hepatitis C from blood products . Click here for their information.