This website is dedicated to the people infected with the Hepatitis C Virus, their families and friends who care for and about them.

If you have Hepatitis C or care about someone who does, please browse this site and get involved with our campaign for justice and compensation from the companies and government agencies responsible for spreading this terminal disease through deliberate distribution of contaminated blood products.

Hepatitis C is the silent epidemic that is ravaging people of all ages, all races and all lifestyles. It is called the “silent epidemic” because the virus can lie dormant in a person for decades before the most significant symptoms of the disease show up. Over five million Americans are infected. Most do not know they have Hepatitis C, and were not told that they were at risk of contracting it.

The sad fact is that most Hepatitis C cases could have been prevented. Most of the Hepatitis cases in the hemophilia community could have been prevented by heating the collected blood during processing to a temperature that would have killed the virus. The blood product manufacturing companies and blood banks could have used a test that was available in 1974 to screen donors for the Hepatitis virus. But corporate greed overcame safety issues, and now thousands have died and thousands more are sick and dying.

Every day innocent people are receiving blood and blood products that exposes them to the risk of contracting Hepatitis and other blood borne viruses, yet the blood banks and blood product manufacturing companies in the United States have conspired to obtain complete immunity from responsibility and no legal liability for their part in committing murder. This has to stop NOW.

Please join our fight to have the United States Government, blood banks and companies that manufacture blood products like Factor VIII acknowledge their role in the Hepatitis C epidemic and demand that they not only be held accountable but helpĀ compensate the victims or their survivors.