We need Americans who were infected with Hepatiitis C between 1974 until present day to contact the Department of Justice, and ask them to investigate this matter of mass infection and the eventual deaths of tens of thousands of American civilians.

In America, there is no statute of limitations on murder. We have identified motives, murder weapons, many perpetrators and thousands of victims. We can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this mass murder was both intentional and premeditated as documented in the internal memos, letters and files from the companies involved that have been obtained by investigators from the media and foreign governments.

Taking Action

If you are an American hemophiliac who contracted Hepatitis C as a result of a tainted blood product, then it is important to preserve evidence for your case. If you do not already have all of your medical records, request them from every health care provider you have used. Make sure you get copies of the lab reports and physicians notes. Get copies of blood product labels and inserts. Demand to know the manufacturer and the lot numbers of every blood product you have ever received. You have the legal right to obtain this information, but you have to use the correct forms, and sometimes you have to pay nominal handling charges. Don’t put off getting these things, as records have a way of disappearing – start today!

There are many reasons why I personally am taking action. One is that the Alpha Corporation and the Bayer Corporation would sell their products as being heat treated, which would have killed the Hepatitis virus, but in fact, the products were not heat treated. These companies would not heat their products because when they put 100% of the product into the heater, they only get 30% to 40% of the product back out after the treatment. The yield loss was considered too great, so they stopped heating it – but continued to sell it as though it had been. They knew, in the 1970’s, that when making the factor, if one lot or one liter of blood was infected with the hepatitis virus when making the product, then the whole 20,000 gallon vat of blood would also be infected.

No Accident

My research found that when the blood product manufacturing companies knew their blood products were tainted with detectable and deadly viruses, and they knew American hemophiliacs were testing positive for these viruses, they still continued to sell and profit from them for years in America. When those products were banned by the FDA for use in America, the companies then sold the tainted blood overseas as beneficial products.

Once these companies knew their products were contaminated with these viruses, the products should have been recalled and destroyed. All of the blood from potential donors used in making these products from that day on should have been tested for those viruses, and recommendations made years earlier by the CDC should have been followed. But they were not, and after being told from the CDC not to do it, the companies continued to advertise to and pay donors from the groups at highest risk for these viruses to make their products. They then sold their tainted blood products to American consumers, who were mislead into believing they were safe to use because timely efforts to ensure safety were supposedly done in the collection and making of their products.

But, in reality, it was like there was no concern for safety regarding the making of these products. Its almost as if these companies wanted to get these viruses – just like they did when trying to make a vaccine for Hepatitis B in the early seventies, in which they would go to the prisons and homosexual populations for the blood because they wanted to get the virus. To add insult to injury, these companies knew they were not heating the products to the right temperatures to kill these viruses, and they hid that fact from the FDA and potential consumers.

Because they lied to hemophiliacs, and did not tell them of the risk involved with using the product, these were no longer blood products, but instead they became secret biological weapons in the hands of terrorists. Furthermore, Bayer Corporation, formerly known as IG Farben, had purposefully infected Jewish children with Hepatitis in the WW II concentration camps, as a means of identifying and refining an ethnic biological weapon. It is no coincidence that Bayer, the same corporation that made and delivered tainted blood products around the world, also holds patents on – and profits from – making the drug treatments for HIV and Hepatitis C. If nothing is done in America to make these companies and their employees responsible for their criminal actions, then what is going to stop them in the future from hiding another virus in their products and then profiting from the testing supplies, treatments, vaccines and cures for that future virus?

Convictions attained in other countries:


(Thursday, November 21, 2002)

Armour, a company now based in Bridgewater, N.J., is charged with three counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and one count of common nuisance in connection with the distribution of its product. It also faces one count of failing to comply with the Food and Drugs Act.

Dr. Michael Rodell, 70, a former vice-president of Armour Pharmaceutical Co., who lives in Pennsylvania, was charged with three counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and one count of common nuisance for endangering the public. Click here for the full story.


Koblenz, Germany – A German court convicted three company executives and a laboratory assistant on Friday for distributing shoddily tested blood products, causing the death of at least two people from the AIDS-causing HIV virus. Click here for the full story.


Two former presidents of the defunct Green Cross Corp. received jail terms at the Osaka High Court Wednesday for selling an HIV-tainted drug product that caused a man to contract the AIDS causing virus. After the Osaka District Court handed Matsushita and Suyama jail terms of two years and 18 months, respectively, in 2000, both defendants appealed and asked for their jail terms to be suspended. Click here for the full story.


In France, former prime minister Laurent Fabius and former ministers Edmond Herve and Georgina Dufoix were charged with manslaughter in that country’s tainted blood scandal. Only Herve was convicted. Click here for the full story.


In Iran in the late 1990s, the former head of Iran’s blood transfusion centre also went on trial over allegations that patients contracted the HIV virus after receiving contaminated blood.

Dr Farhadi and two other doctors faced several charges including negligence in importing HIV-tainted supplies from France. Click here for the full story.


In Portugal, a court indicted a former health minister over an Aids scandal dating back to her time in office during the 1980s. The court said the minister, Leonor Beleza, should be tried for propagating a contagious disease. Click here for the full story.

New Zealand

The Health Minister has made a public apology to all those infected by tainted blood products, however no charges have been laid. Click here for the full story.


hemophiliacs were given contaminated American blood for nine years after health service bosses first linked the tainted supplies to hepatitis, documents obtained by Scaotland Campaigners said the documents added further weight to their calls for an inquiry into the use of contaminated blood. Click here for the full story.


Contaminated blood products are delivered to hospitals through 1986, more than a year after discovery of infected blood. Red Cross uses HIV-tainted blood supplies until discovered in 1993. Former Red Cross official indicted in 1994, and government sets up Emergency Fund for those infected. Click here for the full story.

United States

There has been no apology, no compensation and no justice, and American Hemophiliacs should have all three.

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