Natural Ways To Increase Women’s Breast


Breast growth stimulation

Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, and they dream of breast enlargement. Breast size is largely determined by genetics, but also depends on other factors such as hormonal levels and total body weight. Plastic surgery is a popular method of breast augmentation, but in addition to its high cost, like any surgery, it has a certain danger and can cause serious complications. If you prefer a less radical approach, you can take advantage of a number of natural methods of breast enlargement.

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Ways to increase a woman’s breast


Female breast consists of the fat tissue by 85%, so the main way to increase its size is weight gain. Fat-building will lead to the fact that part of it will go to the breast, and bust will be larger. Increase the calories of your diet, eat more often throughout the day, eat more healthy fats, such as olives, avocados, nuts, flax seeds and sesame seeds and oil from these products. Unfortunately, you cannot gain fat only in your chest.

Another reason why women have small breasts is a hormonal imbalance. Female body may produce too little of the female hormone estrogen, which promotes breast growth, and too much of the male hormone testosterone, which prevents its development. Therefore it is necessary to keep the level of testosterone in the normal range; but to deal with insufficient estrogen you should use products that contribute to its replenishment. Also, if your body does not make enough estrogen, the reception of this hormone in pill form will stimulate the growth of breast cell tissue. However, hormonal medicine should be prescribed only by your doctor.


Exercises cannot increase breast cell itself, as it does not contain muscles, and they are directed to muscle growth, located underneath. The pectoral muscles push the chest slightly forward, which improves its shape and allows it to look bigger and lifted. A good exercise for the chest muscles are push-ups, bench press, dumbbell flies. In addition, these exercises can be performed at home. Use small weights and do a few sets of 7-15 repetitions. With the help of exercise you can also improve your posture, which will positively affect the appearance of the breast.


Do breast massage daily for at least 3-5 minutes three times a day. Massage helps to stimulate breast growth, because it improves blood circulation, helping nutrients to reach the area of ​​the breast more quickly. Massage is particularly useful in a pair with one of the creams for breast enhancement.